We do an high quality plating. We guarantee 2 years but please handle with care our jewels :-)

Jewelery MARIASALVADOR.IT responds differently depending on the frequency of use and how you take care of them.

After use, it is advisable to always store the MARIASALVADOR.IT jewelry in the boxes provided at the time of purchase, will help keep the original condition. It is advisable not to expose jewelry to perfumes, lotions or other chemicals, as these may damage the finish.

How do I have to take care of my jewel MARIASALVADOR.IT?

To clean jewels, gently rub with a damp, soft, clean cloth and dry with a soft, clean, absorbent cloth; Then leave the jewel on a towel until it is completely dry. Do not use hot water and do not let it soak. Do not expose to soaps, detergents, detergents or other chemicals, including perfumes and hairspray.