WATERCOLOR WISHES from Russian Artist

WATERCOLOR WISHES from Russian Artist

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Our appreciate friend sent a great watercolor to wish us Merry Christmas!

Artist name: Nataliya Borisova

Russian Illustrator living in China the last 13 years, passionate about watercolor.
In 2003 graduated as footwear designer of the Textile University in Moscow, have been working as footwear designer in different countries as China, Brazil, Mongolia.
Since early age I actively spoiled the paper with my scribbles on it. Teenage interest was the fashion and fashion industry.
Three years ago, after the birth of my son I decided to return to my main passion -watercolor.

Watercolor is the element of water and paint. The main task of the watercolor artist is to tame the water! In the moments I am able to do it I feel fantastic joy. The feeling of joy is the main source of inspiration, without which I can't work . This feeling give me my family and nature.
My preferred theme is botanical illustration.
Living in China I have the opportunity to see and learn the technique from Chinese artists! Chinese school of watercolor is one of the strongest in the world. This is a very exciting process to learn how to manage the water on the paper!

Nataliya Borisova Russian Artist watercolor


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