Virgin Mary tattoos designs ideas

Virgin Mary tattoos designs ideas

tattoo virgin mary head realist

Today is venerated Our Lady of Sorrows, Virgin Mary.

In many tattooed his face on the skin?

The tattoos with religious images are very popular among those who have a deep belief. The most popular are the crosses, the Latin symbol of death and resurrection is the absolute spread, the face of Jesus Christ, the angels, the Virgin Mary and Padre Pio. Mary was chosen for its figure of Mother of all Catholics. Symbol of goodness, purity and strength. In the paintings often it appears with the Infant Jesus. Sometimes she cries taking on the sins of men. Other times he is smiling.

Many say they have seen her appear and the most sensitive reported his teachings.

His figure is tattooed in both medium and large size depending on the choice location on the body (usually the arm). Often in realist style in light / dark, sometimes appears also in the blue and red color symbolises the sky and the passion of sacrifice.

But where there are conflicting opinions on tattoos and Christianity?

There are very extremist opinions which say that a believer can not get a tattoo because in a quote from Leviticus states: "I do not cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor will you marks upon. I am the Lord "(Lev 19:28). Theologians say that the vision of the Satanist tattoos is an extreme reading of this quote. In this step more than point out the tattoo, it speaks of a certain cult of the dead that existed in those times, not compatible with the faith in one God. A reading less extreme and more related to the confirmation of the current times.

The tattoo can not be condemned regardless. Scholars still invite caution.

If they are tattooed religious subjects as the face of Madonna to show their faith is important to a moral evaluation of the body part in which to do so (often tattooed on his arm), personal motivation at that tattoo and the kind of representation.

Having said that we found it fun to read articles on the net extremists opposed to tattoos and the related comments of the believers. We report this: "I go to church every Sunday, I confess I once every month and a half, I attended a World Youth Day, and attend and help in the parish, where I have many friends and I also did the catechist. PS. I have three tattoos and I am going to make me the fourth.

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Justin Timberlake Mother Virgin Mary tattoo arm

tattoo Mother Virgin Mary realist

tattoo Mother Virgin Mary realist


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