Which is the Perfect Gift Packaging?

Which is the Perfect Gift Packaging?

mariasalvador.it packaging seal ceralacca bordeaux rosso cuore heart red

A famous quote says, "I always had the feeling that gave a jewel shines much more than one that you bought you.". Giving silver jewelry is synonymous with beauty, brightness and, of course, is a precious gift!

But what if the package is not adequate to the expectations?

We recently celebrated the birth of our second daughter, and we received valuable gifts. Very beautiful and elegant, but some packages were not quite live shopping. Laminated paper and printed. No flakes. Without labels. Without a story.

When we created the brand mariasalvador.it we thought what could be the package for a perfect gift. The answer was a matte black packaging paper (which pollutes less!) With ribbon in burgundy fabric (like our logo color) and with a little heart in red sealing wax. We have three packaging sizes used for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and one dedicated to the rings. We create packages in a traditional way and soon we will publish videos to show you! Each shipment e-commerce provides a gift pack.

What do you think, do you like?

A customer recently commented:

"Absolutely love it.. very impressive packaging! Thank you very much!"

Everything for our customers :-)

mariasalvador.it seal red heart fabric ceralacca rossa cuore packaging pacchetto


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