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  "Take beloved son, take this scapular (...) those who die coated with this dress does not suffer eternal fire. This is a sign of health, salvation in danger, an alliance of peace and everlasting covenant. "

madonna del carmelo scapulare escapulario abitino


At the beginning it was a garment the monastic orders: a long strip of cloth that fell on both the chest is on the back reaching down to his feet and was equipped with hood. Was sewing of different colors in the order (ex. White for the Dominicans and black for the Benedictines). It was therefore essentially of cloth, and served to "protect" ordinary clothes. In time it became an integral part of the religious habit and was reduced in size. The band took the form of a "dress", made up of two pieces of cloth Carmelite robe, joined by straps that allow you to carry it on his chest and over his shoulder, a small scapular to wear as a sign of devotion. Later Pope Pius X, to meet the modern needs, then granted the right to replace the dress in cloth with a medal depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the one hand and the image of the Mother Mary, on the other. The Church has recognized and appreciated this sign through the lives of so many saints and many Popes who have mended and taken. Along with the Rosary, the Holy Scapular bought in the world a strong Marian protective sign from Mary, who leads us to Jesus, and commitment on our part to let ourselves be guided by her, that is, to want, at least in desire, live like Mary and with Mary, "coated" of Jesus.



Conditions for obtaining the result of the "Great Promise" of Mother Mary, addressed to those who carry it with respect, without sin and full of merit in life, leading the dress with faith and devotion:

1. Receive the scapular from the hands of a priest in the neck;

2. The scapular must always be worn both day and night, so that a part falls on the chest and the other on his back. Those who do not take it in the neck but the wrist or pocket is not participating in the Great Promise;

3. You must take it through life without ever removing it. Till death. Only in this way you will get protection from the dangers to life and heaven will be saved for eternity.

    escapulario scapolar sterling silver necklace made in italy idea from Brasil

    escapulario scapolar sterling silver necklace made in italy idea from Brasil



    O Mary, Mother and decorum of the Carmel, I consecrate to you today my life, such as small tribute of gratitude for the graces through your intercession I received from God. You look with special favor those who devotedly bring your Scapular: I beg you, therefore, to support my weakness with your virtues, with your wisdom to enlighten the darkness of my mind, and awaken in me faith, hope and charity, because may every day grow in love of God and devotion towards you. The Scapular calls on me thy gaze Maternal and your protection in the daily struggle, so that it can remain faithful to your Son Jesus, and to you, avoiding sin and imitating your virtues. I wish to offer to God, through your hands, all the good that I will be able to accomplish with your grace; yours goodness I get the forgiveness of sins and a more secure loyalty to Sir. O most lovable Mother, your love get me a day is granted to me to change your Scapular with the eternal Bridal dresses and live with you and with the Saints of Carmel in kingdom of your blessed Son who lives and reigns for ever and centuries. Amen.


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