Jesus Christ Superstar logo cover story Billie Joe Armstrong tattoo

Billie Joe Armstrong Jesus Christ Superstar cover story tattoo

Billie Joe Armstrong Jesus Christ Superstar cover story tattoo

Billie Joe Armstrong Jesus Christ Superstar cover story tattoo


Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day singer, over the years has turned his body into a tatuandosi art gallery both films he liked both the names of his beloved family.

In the left arm there is the logo with the two angels of Jesus Christ Superstar under the name "Adrienne", his wife.

Intrigued we went to discover the history of the two angels.

 Jesus Christ Superstar was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Tim Rice. And 'a musical which was then suddenly the famous film. The story recounts the last week of Jesus' life seen through the eyes of Judas. Central is the human and ideological conflict between the two characters. The work aroused much controversy but the main actor of Jesus said that Pope Paul VI had seen a preview of the film and that he wanted a representation in Rome. L'Osservatore Romano has never confirmed this news. It remains true, however, that the Film Commission of the Episcopal Conference is recommended viewing as long as you're away from misinterpretations.

 The record cover logo was designed in the 70s by Ernie Cefalu (the same designer who would have drawn a red mouth version of the Rolling Stones, used on merchandising and the best-known version was designed by John Pasche).

The Jesus Christ Superstar logo with the two angels Art Deco was designed by Ernie during a creative competition with another agency. For six days he lived, slept and hated Jesus Christ Superstar and visited many churches in Brooklyn and Manhattan is to take creative ideas that to be moral and spiritual support. He drew about 100 ideas, including chose four to be submitted to his agency (at the time was only a clerk young designer). The head of his agency appreciated so much the last proposal that he decided to present to Decca Records only one with an emotional speech that convinced the customer immediately. The two angels became the album cover and Ernie drew covers for many other famous groups.

Jesus Christ Superstar cover story tattoo

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